Yak Stack

Strictly speaking, this is more a yak partially ordered set - that is, a list of various projects in varying states of plausibility that have various levels of dependency on each other, which I have been thinking about or working on recently.

Socket++ lib
  • Plain, multicast, ipflood, pubsub, bus, mq, mailbox, IPC + in process, software defined networking…​

  • transport + protocol + document + application + api layers

  • ebook

'GPU stuff'/'rendering stuff'/'some kind of GPGPU'

Fonts/text rendering. General vector rendering a la Nile/Gezira/etc.

Widget toolkit
  • Current noodling available at anuikit

  • Built on hypermedia

Terminal (anterminal)

Text editor (aneditor)
  • Command parser as component

  • Decomposable, so that translucent highlighted key overlay thing for screencasts can be done

Erosion resistence stuff
  • Unikernel/nanokernel

  • Orchestration

  • Service discovery/'serverless'/'heartbeat'

Revision control
  • /w 'curation'

  • /w large file storage

  • /w partial clones

  • /w submodules that aren’t sobmodules

Exokernel-like thing for databases
  • That is: datastructures, query functions, communications functions, replication (eg Paxos, Lamport, Saga etc) all as libraries

Mailing list thing
  • A listserv plus the following

  • URLs for all emails

  • Emails mangled to include header with own url

  • Access control

  • Affordances for threading, quoting, referencing, graph structured conversations

  • Search, filtering, queries, export

  • Webmail-y stuff

  • Not sure how to deal with GPG/PGP etc, given message mangling.

Complete OS, userspace, desktop environment, package management, etc.

An ISA, chipset, GPU design, motherboard, networking + storage + peripherals + protocols for removable devices and physical networking

Various kinds of asset making software - eg the Vim of Photoshop.

  • An abyssal infinite runner/platformer thing - shattered glass, bones, blood, teeth, eyes

  • The Fae Realm travel card mechanic

  • A train made of greenhouses travelling through a desert - gardening, resource management, sandstorms

  • Various Carque things

  • A spite setting and system, reacting to Crucible

  • A Souls-like Roguelike Mobalike monstrosity - evoke the feeling of Nightwatch in Tenebrae, but based on the spite setting and system

  • A Souls-like from a different direction, with 2-ish-D realistic-ish Fiore style swordwork.

A filesystem. (anfs)
  • CMS like

  • Composed of various kinds of datastores /w versioning Eg Document dbs, Relational dbs, Time series dbs, graph dbs, logic dbs

  • Materialised views Eg tagged views of file stores, workflows, blog engine

  • Defined apis with querying for the datastores

  • Not entirely sure how or if this fits in with hypermedia

A CMS based on materialised views of anfs + an auth app + a reverse proxy